The New Jerusalem: Our city brimming with life eternal. Part 5

John 4:7-14, Revelation 22:1-6

Jesus told the Samaritan woman at the well that if she truly understood who He was, to receive Him as such, that He would graciously gift her, “living waters”, with no effort on her part. The free gift was unlike the water she had to labor hard for every day. Jesus then marries the possession of those free, living waters to the reality of life eternal. The free gift, the importation of God’s Holy Spirit and His works, the Spirit of Life is in mind here. In Rev 21 Jesus’ angel takes John to see the magnificent external architecture and beauty of the New Jerusalem our eternal city. Now in our first five verses Rev 22 we see the living, intimate interior of our eternal home. And there we find Living Waters! There in that future eternal age, the inward spiritual source of eternal life in this present age, the Spirit of Holiness, is mated and joined with the outward physical reality of a joyful living river in the center of the city! Truly, God dwells with humanity!