The meaning and blessings of salvation #3, Justification by faith alone

Genesis 15:1-6, Romans 3:19-30

Early in WWII a group of American soldiers on an island in the South Pacific were captured by an overwhelming Japanese force. They were held prisoner along with many British soldiers for many months. To pass the time they organized classes and lectures. One class was on American History, taught by a British officer who was a professor of history. Imagine seeing our American experience from a British perspective! Perspective is important!

The other day Vern and I were visited by a couple of JW ladies. In discussing the definition of faith the main spokesperson asked, “How would God know that we have faith unless He sees us doing works?” Now that lady didn’t understand justification by faith! From God’s perspective He sees and knows our deepest thoughts and He knows, without seeing any works on our part whether we have placed our faith, our trust, in Him and His Son’s finished work. God, from his seat as Judge has declared believers once and for all justified, or perfectly righteous. In justification it is God’s perspective and declaration that makes the believer right with God. He, being God, need see nothing else, including our good works, to declare it so.