God’s Word, Its Incomparable Powers, #1

Jeremiah 23:28-32

Jeremiah the prophet, speaking the word of the LORD, stood like a rusty but grim sign with its skull and crossed bones, warning about the presence of a lethal mine field. Immovable, he stubbornly stood for many years and warned the LORD’s own, the people of Judah, of their eventual destruction because of pagan idolatry and sinning ways. He was ignored, people didn’t want to hear all that negativity! So in order to negate his words and justify ignoring his preaching as just that of a religious crank, many other “self-appointed” prophets preached that all was peace and prosperity from the LORD. Jeremiah’s response to these pseudo-spiritual prophets is found in the 23rd chapter of his book, in our Scripture reading this morning.