The immensely, vastly divergent destinies of every human, pt6

Revelation 22:7-21

In this world there are a wide variety of peoples, cultures, professions, habits, likes, hobbies, cuisines, and worldviews. From simple shepherds in the Himalayas to sophisticated billionaires who send satellites into orbit, from a street artist to an island fisherman casting his net, from Gypsy to honor guard, from devout believer to indifferent atheist, the contrasts in our lives are astoundingly variable. Yet God’s revelation of our future shows such immensely, vastly divergent destinies and experiences between humans that by comparison, it makes this present world’s variety look like a canvas painted a bland and boring gray.

The last half of the last chapter of the Bible reveals two starkly divergent worlds with two humanities, and we as followers of Christ would do well to be gripped by this sharp divergence. It will invoke in us greater joy, provoke us to speak the gospel, and up-scale our view of God’s love and holiness.