The Holy Spirit’s proceeding Life in us. The Spirit of the Father and of the Son living in us.

The Holy Spirit proceeds eternally from the Father and the Son

John 15:18-27

Have you ever meditated on the multifaceted spiritual gem of the Holy Spirit as He and His work are unveiled to you by the word of God? He is a most unusual gem because of His not merely reflecting light rays from elsewhere, He glows from within with the very light of God. We have over the past few Sundays explored some of the nature of God the Father and God the Son, of the fact that the 1st member of the Trinity is God the Father, and the 2nd person is God the Son by the fact of the eternal generation, or begetting (not created, made or born) of the Son by the Father, not as an act of the will of God but of a necessity of the nature and being of deity.

Let us now turn our attentions and our Christian affections to the Person, existence and work of the 3rd Person in the Godhead, the wonderful Holy Spirit. Today we’ll not focus primarily on His effect in us by our subjective experience, rather we’ll focus in worship on Who and What He is in the very being and essence of eternal God. For right living comes from right worship, and right worship comes from right knowledge. This is sanctification.

So let us explore and know what it means to have the Spirit of the Father and of the Son in us.