The Father’s wisdom in the Son, the Son’s wisdom in us Having and living the mind of Christ

1 Corinthians 2:10-16

In 1 Corinthians 2:14-16, Paul points out that the natural/soulical mind, the innate abilities we are all born into the world with, the innate powers of perception and thinking by which people evaluate Jesus, the cross and God’s self-revelation… these are incompetent and inadequate to the task of evaluation because these senses are dulled and insensate to fundamental spiritual realities.  In doing this Paul urges the Corinthian Christians to be neither impressed by, nor following, nor intimidated by the natural man’s evaluation of the gospel and the cross of Christ.  To do this, Paul In v16 takes us back to God’s perspective over His creation by quoting Isaiah 40:13 (let’s read Isaiah 40:12-17). Any progress in theology – learning about God as He is, must include these foundation truths  about the divine Being. We must understand God’s immensity, eternality and hyper-superiority over His creation.

Paul then makes a statement concerning those who are born again and who have the indwelling Spirit of God: “We have the mind of Christ.” Having the mind of Christ is a distinct advantage over our natural, dulled selves, because it means our minds, our thoughts are illumined by the Spirit and His word, ministering to us the light of the plan, purpose, and perspective of Christ. When the spiritual lights are flicked on by God’s grace gifted us in Spirit, we see the cross, Jesus, the Word, God and even one another in a whole new light.

So let us explore what it means to have “the mind of Christ.”