The Exposure of Apostate Teachers

Sunday, February 3rd 2019  |  Jude 1:5-13

We’ve all heard of the wolf in sheep’s clothing. Last Sunday Jude showed us that apostasy migrates downhill in an individual: from ungodliness (rebellion/disbelief), to licentiousness (immorality), and finally to denial of key doctrines of the faith (telling God He’s wrong and the apostate is right).

Today Jude will pull the sheep-skin off the wolf by giving us historical examples of just this downward migration, with three groups, and then three individuals showing exactly that sequence. Pay attention to what the Spirit teaches here, so you don’t get fleeced!

Jude’s epistle is without equal in the NT for it’s denunciation of apostate teachers in his day! How much more numerous, potent and influential are the apostates of today!