God’s Word, Its Clarity, pt2, #3

James 1:22-25
The fires of our lives as believers in Christ are either stoked by the fuel of God’s Word, regularly consumed and meditated on, or they are stoked by
some fleshly and worldly fuels. There’s a wise old saying that goes, “You are what you eat.” This is true of our bodies and it is true of our spiritual selves.
The Word of God is like a mighty rushing river that has its headwaters in two worlds: The heavenly or spiritual one, and in this mundane world having been
written by men in our human languages. And because of its two waters mixed, it has a powerful effect in both worlds for those that regularly drink its waters.
It delivers God’s eternal life, and it makes life here productive, sensible and meaningful. The secret to its amazing and transforming benefits lies in a
simply truth: The Living Water must be drunk. It must be read, heard and taken in.