Nahum #04, – God’s judgment of wickedness eventually falls like a hammer

2 Peter 3:1-13

The story of the people of Assyria and Nineveh her capital, as recorded by the prophets Jonah and Nahum, is one in a long line of human failures to pay attention to God and His call and his warnings about pride, cruelty and wickedness. In fact,2 Peter 3:1-10 capture this human tendency to think much of self and little of God, except perhaps to mock Him, His righteous perspective, and His claim that history in its present state is in His hand and will reach a conclusion. There are two great truths about God that we must grasp: First, that God is long-suffering and patient with sinners. Second, that God’s long-suffering and patience always reach their end, with resounding and irrevocable judgments! In the presence of this second truth, human autonomy and pride in their brief moment of glory show themselves for what they are: Foolish.