Living the Rewardable Life, Rewards at the Bema (3 of 3)

Crucified with Christ – Living life in Christ

Living the rewardable life

Colossians 3:1-4, Galatians 2:20

John 3:16 concisely sums up the gospel and our saving justification before God the judge, so our verse today, Galatians 2:20, concisely sums up the Christian life and how sanctification and spiritual growth and success after justification works out. Keeping justification and sanctification (that is the forever-justified believer living and growing in Christ,) keeping these two distinct is the first key to the doorway of a rewarding and meaningful walk in the Spirit until we rise to meet the Lord.

ABC’s – key spiritual truths:

  • FAITH (convinced belief, trust and reliance) in the Son of God is the engine, the power for living the believer’s life now;
  • The basis for Christian living is the finished work of Christ; It’s all the gracious work of God in His Son Jesus, and none of ours.
  • The emphasis is upon our identification by God with Jesus Christ: I was crucified with Christ (that “me” died with him), and our spiritual union with Him now – and now He lives His life in me;
  • The facts of this verse are true for every believer, but only those believers who continually claim these facts by faith benefit in their daily walk. Sadly many believers live as if these facts are not true.

6 Spiritual walking facts for living