Jude 24-25, The great prayer of Jude – To the One Who is able! #7

Jude concludes his brief warning epistle with a formal doxology [glory to God] that included a prayer for his readers. The Apostle Jude wanted to assure them of God’s ability to help them remain faithful in spite of the apostasy that threatened them. “The concluding doxology (vv. 24-25) is universally recognized as one of the fullest and most beautiful in Scripture. Stressing the security of the believer in the midst of apostasy, it brings the epistle to a marvelous conclusion.” Edmond Heibert
Jude’s prayer pivots from the harsh reality of the drifting, uncertain and unstable teaching and lives of the false teachers, and elevates the field of vision and thought from that temporal earthly conflict with which the author has been compelled to busy himself, up to the heavenly realms, the bright air where God is enthroned amidst eternal might and honor.