Jude 1-4, Hills worth dying on – contending for the faith, #1

Jude 1-4

If a book of the Bible were a boxer, then Jude is a small, but muscular fighter that punches far above his weight! Pithy and full of sharp jabs, it gets right to work protecting sound doctrine and godly practice. It shows us how to fight the good fight of the faith, and why we as believers should care and want to engage. Christians are to be a peaceful people, but not a peace at all costs. Not at the cost of basic Biblical truths and moral principles. There are some hills on which we are called to die. And the gospel is not the only such hill!
Jude calls believers to watch out for creepers… teachers and influencers in the church, who, appealing to the flesh, undermine the healthy, authoritative teaching and practices handed to the church by the apostles.