John the Baptist – Pt1, Gabriel’s annunciation of John to Zacharias

God sends His fore-runner of Christ, John the Baptist Pt-1, Gabriel’s annunciation of John to Zacharias Luke 1:5-23
In his gospel, Luke lays alongside for similarity and contrast the records of the annunciation, conception and birth of John the Baptist and that of Jesus. We’re going to invest the next few Sundays exploring the prophesy, birth and ministry of John the Baptist. Today we focus on John’s annunciation, and miraculous conception and birth.
One immediately is struck as one reads Luke’s account, at the similarities between John’s parents, being barren and beyond child-bearing age, and that of Abraham and Sarah. One is also made aware, however, of the differences. In the case of Abraham and Sarah, the questioning of the message of a child in her old age from the Lord is by Sarah yet she is not punished for her doubt (though she is questioned for it). See Genesis 18. In the case of John’s father, Zacharias, he questions the message of a child being conceived in old age, and Zacharias is punished for it. A key question is, why the difference in their treatment?
In both the annunciation of John and of Jesus, Gabriel the angel is the central figure. Gabriel is the annunciator and explainer of God. In Daniel 8 and again in Daniel 9, Gabriel is called upon to explain God’s revelation.
May we learn a lesson here: May we heed and not question the Lord when He makes a declaration or issues a command! Our powers of action and of insight are limited due to our creatureliness and our fallen estate. We need God to reveal, and He has in His Word. Let us trust Him!
As we will discover, John the Baptist will become a man who trusts God and changes the world!