Jesus and the clarity and authority of God’s Word, John 10:24-38

How Jesus understood Scripture, and we should too

Note: A point of clarification: Around minute 6 pastor Eric speaks of fallen human nature. In this he is speaking only of the nature of man in his unregenerate, unredeemed state, not after a person is regenerate/saved/redeemed. In other words, he is not teaching one-naturism in the regenerate believer. (One-naturism in the believer is a recent idea among some but not all Reformed teachers).

John 10:24-38

B.B. Warfield set the two natures of Christ in a picture for us in this way when he wrote, “Because he is man he is capable of growth in wisdom, and because he is God he is from the beginning Wisdom Itself.” The Scriptures insist on two things at once: that Jesus “is the same, yesterday, today, and forever”, and that He “increased in wisdom and in stature and in favor with God and man” (Luke 2:52). We rightly profess that Jesus never changes because He is God, but we struggle to understand what it means that Jesus grew in wisdom as a true man. When we pause to really consider this, we are surprised! In short, as a man, Jesus needed to learn the Scriptures, and grow over the years in maturity in their meaning and application.

This does not mean that He ever had any sinful defect or deficiency. It simply means that as truly human He had to grow up in His moral, intellectual, and spiritual capacities as a true man while at the same time not ceasing to be God. Jesus willingly laid aside access to what was His by virtue of His divine nature in order to take on our flesh and nature, to truly be our representative—the Last Adam and Son of David. As fallen sons and daughters of Adam, we need a Redeemer who is truly man, truly one of us.