Five avenues of Gratitude – Gratitude is the distinguishing mark of faithfulness

Psalm 34:1-8

There are many right ways to look at and evaluate the people in the Bible. But there is one simple and profound way in which people are portrayed, one key way in which their hearts and lives are measured.  You see, people can be divided into two camps: The grateful and the thankless. The thankful and the bitter ingrate. From the first conflict in Genesis, of Cain murdering his brother Abel out of bitter thanklessness, through the Psalms, all the way to the end of this world in Revelation 20 where the thankless multitudes in Christ’s millennial kingdom surround the city of the grateful believers seeking their destruction, humanity is divided sharply and starkly portrayed as either grateful or thankless. Even the angels are revealed to be of one of these two disparate camps! The grateful and holy versus the ingrate fallen. Look for this as you read the Scriptures and you’ll see what I mean. Once you see it, you can’t unsee it!

An attitude of thanksgiving to God will fill us with hope, and joy and an unquenchable sense of good reasons to obey Him. Today we’re going to check into five Bible passages illuminating that crown jewel of virtues: Gratitude! This will help us refocus on the many splendored blessings of God and on finding His goodness tucked away in the corners of our everyday lives in the Spirit. God’s Word informs us of a great secret to a successful and happy Christian life: The power and life changing effects of gratitude! May the Spirit prune, trim up and water our vines for fruit bearing!