First Things in the Revelation of Jesus Christ

Sunday, May 20th 2018  |  Revelation 1:1-11

The book of Revelation/Apocalypse: The revealing, the unveiling of the Lord Jesus Christ in all His regal authority as final judge and terminator of the kingdoms of men (see Daniel 2:31-36), as the Lord who disciplines and then redeems Israel, as the Son of David who returns to gather and rule over Israel, as the Son of Man and Last Adam who returns to rule and reign over the nations and all creation, as the master and Lord over angels good and fallen, and as the final judge of each person’s soul, and as the Lord and Chief Jailer of Death, Hades and of Hell: the final lake of fire, and as the creator and the light and the gracious giver of the New Heavens and Earth.
He is indeed, The Alpha and Omega, the First and the Last!