Biblical Fellowship – Koinonia #1, What is it? And why it should change our lives

Acts 2:37-44

We often hear people talking about fellowship. We hear it said that what we need is more fellowship. But our modern ideas of fellowship have become so watered down and skewed that the word no longer carries the same meaning it did in New Testament times. We’re missing something vital here and it is my hope and aim with this teaching series that the Word of God might bring us not only authoritative correction here, but a fresh wind to drive us and a warm fire to rest our weary souls.

We are not surprised that the early church devoted itself to “the apostles’ teaching” and also “to prayer.” Apart from the ministry of the Holy Spirit, these are among the most important means of growth, power, and effectiveness in the Christian life and this is everywhere evident in the rest of Scripture.

But Luke here in v42 tells us these early Christians also devoted themselves to fellowship. No, it’s more than that! There are three clues here.