Beloved in God the Father. United in the Defense of Truth

Sunday, January 13th 2019  |  Jude 1:1-3

The compact, 25 verse sermon of Jude packs a powerful punch about the maximum effort, high priority call of the local church and all believers to contend for the “The Faith” (the body of doctrines which are given in all scripture). No one is excused, and no one is allowed to minimize doctrine to a mere “core”, setting the rest aside as unimportant. It’s all out, knock down-drag out effort for the defense of all of it!

BUT, this effort does not rise from the dusty corners of a dry intellect, but from from love! Jude knows and expresses that the fuel that drives the engine of resistance to apostasy is love. Beloved of God the Father, and beloved of Jude.