After the Rapture? Pt 2 – the Marriage & Marriage Supper of the Lamb Revelation 19:1-10

Revelation 19:1-10

We live in challenging and troubling times. It is a comfort and encouragement for believers to set our minds and hearts on the wonderful future being prepared for us by our Savior We’ve seen where the Church will be during the 70th week of Daniel 9 (the last seven years prior to the Second Coming of Christ, which has been popularly called the Tribulation period). Our Blessed Hope consists of our pre-tribulation translation and snatching away in the rapture and the eternal rewards at the Bema seat of Christ. But the blessings don’t stop there! The church right now  is the promised bride of Christ, betrothed and engaged  to Him in this age and anticipating the completion of the image of actually being with Jesus the groom. Our text today anticipates, and John the apostles actually sees and experiences s our future: The two spectacular events there are the Marriage of the Lamb, and then the Marriage Supper/feast of the Lamb that follows. These are all included in the Blessed Hope, our hope as the church. Since we are so beloved, let us gaze this morning into this marvel, this gift of grace promised us by our Groom, and purchased with His own blood as an oath of fidelity to us.

Let us join with our brother John and gaze at the Marriage of the Lamb and the Marriage Supper/Feast of the Lamb (two distinct, but related events).