1st Samuel – Israel and the Philistine oppression. Dagon submits to Yahweh!

1 Samuel 5-6 (reading 1 Samuel 5:1-7)
The Israelites have lost the battle of Aphek/Eben Ezer against the Philistines, the Ark of the Covenant is lost to the enemy and carted off, Eli the high priest and judge, and his two dissolute sons are dead. The question is, “Where is God in all this? Is He still on His throne? Has the Philistine god, Dagon prevailed over Yahweh?” These two chapters, 5-6 answer that question decisively. While Samuel does not play a central role in these two chapters, he faithfully records God’s power and ability to show Himself true, living and unique in glory, above the false gods of the pagan world.
Hear and heed the Word of the Lord! Fear the God who is, Yahweh!