1st Samuel – From judges to monarchical rule. Revival in Israel, Samuel gets old, Israel wants a king

1 Samuel 7-8, (reading 7:2-12)
In chapters 7-8 several decades in the life of Samuel are covered. We go from his 20’s all the way into his elder years, and much transition and change in Israel spiritually, socially and politically occurs. In this time Israel will regain the Ark of the Covenant and learn to fear the Lord’s commands regarding its treatment. She will again learn the price of idolatry and turn to the Lord in a great spiritual revival. The Philistine’s will be driven back territorially and in strength by the Lord. Prophet and judge Samuel will then age several decades and become old.
A new generation will in some ways forget the revival of wonder and faith in the Lord’s special care for them, how He drove back the Philistines when they trusted in and obeyed Him, and they’ll lose heart in their direct dealings with God. It should be remembered that at this time there is no central government, no standing army, and unless the people are walking with the Lord in faith via his precepts, listening to his prophet Samuel, they feel vulnerable and small when they look at themselves. They are a relatively weak hill-country rural people squeezed chaotically between neighboring peoples and empires. So they naturally, eventually resort to what they can see around them in their neighboring countries. The political drive, the fearful motivation to “be like them” and have what they consider power, stature and stability gnaws at them.
They forsake God as the theocratic king of Israel and yearn for a human, one of them to be king.
But the Lord will use even this weakness to move forward to the eventual establishment of David and his kingdom, and out of that kingdom eventually will issue forth the kingdom of the Messiah, our Lord Jesus, the perfect Man.
Hear and heed the Word of the Lord!