1 Samuel – Samuel is called as prophet of the Lord

Samuel is called of the Lord

1 Samuel 3

We are now between the year 1080-1073 BC. Samuel is between 5 and 12 years of age, more likely at the upper end of that range. We are in Shilo, the place of Jahweh’s tabernacle, and Eli the priest, the descendant of Ithamar, the son of Aaron is High Priest. Remember that the first permanent temple, in Jerusalem, will not be built until Solomon does so, and right now Solomon’s father, David, has not even been born (it’ll be another 35 years or so, in 1040.) So the chronology goes: Samuel the priest – King Saul, King David, Samuel dies, King Solomon -> 1st Temple in Jerusalem, more than 100 years from 1 Samuel 3.

Today’s Scripture tells of how Samuel the boy was specifically called and Spirit filled by the Lord as a prophet to unfailingly speak His word, clearly and unequivocally, in a time of intense spiritual darkness, idolatry, irreverence, debauchery and ignorance. Samuel’s calling begins to unfold a time of God’s work in revival and awakening to the things of God. But as we’ll find in the next couple chapters, this did not happen instantly and not without the terrible discipline of the Lord. As if often the case, purity of life and spiritual illumination and Godly works often follows a divine straining and squeezing process, to drive sinful ideas and practice out.

Hear and heed the Word of the Lord!