1 John, John’s call to Grow in Fellowship with God – #1

Welcome and Introduction
1 John 1:1-10
A Christian’s assurance is, in essence their faith, their convinced confidence, that they are in right standing with God now, are beloved in The Beloved, and will continue secure until they reach glorification forever. It is a confidence in Jesus, that he is God’s Son, the long-promised Savior and Messiah, whose death bore God’s anger against sin and propitiated it (1 John 2:2).

John wrote his first epistle to believers with two great, connected and layered purposes: To deepen their sense and appreciation of security in God and His love for them, through Christ. And with their feet then firmly planted in that rock of assurance, to call them into an ever deepening and intimate fellowship with their God… to really know their God by the experience of walking with Him daily, as the apostle do.
Now I said that one of John’s purposes in writing was to deepen the reader’s sense and appreciation, to be solidly assured of and settled in the certainty of one’s salvation and future glorification. One of the many
assurance passages here is 1 John 5:13. And there are many others here.

But there are some passages here that seem quite anti-assurance!