1 John 3:4-6, Where are you looking? It makes a world of difference!

n 2:28-3:3 John sets the believer’s sight on the imminent and greatly anticipated Blessed Hope, the coming and appearance of our Christ in the rapture of His dear saints to be face to face with Him our Savior! John does this to help the believer rest and regulate their thoughts and behavior in the assurance of salvation and the joy and excitement of anticipated eternal rewards from Christ’s hand. In 3:4-10 John now shines the light on the first coming of the Son, in the incarnation. Jesus’ intention in coming in the flesh is squarely in focus here. So John places us in an art gallery with just two paintings, between two opposing portraits of Christ, two great icons: The hope of the appearing for us in the rapture on one side, and the power of the appearing for us in the Son taking on flesh. The design of the gallery is to get us to so admire the Person in the portrait that we want to abide in that spot, to be riveted by their beauty. Abiding there is John’s design for us. So let us admire these grand masterpieces from the hand of the divine artist!