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Right Idea, Wrong Text

Right Idea, Wrong Text: My Experience and Concerns

As a pastor and a Bible conference speaker I have the privilege of interacting with and learning from a substantial cross-section of sincere, humble, Bible-believing Christians. These earnest saints seek to increasingly know, obey, enjoy and glorify their Lord and savior, Jesus Christ, through a working knowledge of the Word of God. They read their Bibles, pray for understanding and do regular devotionals. As I've taught and interacted with them, an interesting and fairly regular, specific pattern of thinking and talking has caught my attention. Oddly, this is true only of those who have been churched for some time. It is not true of new believers. This pattern consists of a set of
Biblically unwarranted trueisms and maxims, or more correctly, truesisms and maxims that are indeed substantially or at least partly true, but based on the wrong text of Scripture.

I have coined this the, “Right Idea, Wrong Text,” phenomenon. Read the full article here....