The following is a collection of Articles written by members of the pastoral staff of Grace Bible Fellowship over the years.

Christian Living

An Anchor for the Soul - Hebrews 6:13-20

Undershepherd/Elder Eric Peterman. Written as a representative of the Conservative Theological Society as a contribution to the theological journal, Testamentum Imperium, Volume 1, Eternal Security.


Knowing God’s Will with Certainty

Are you wanting to know God’s will for your life, or are you confused about how to discern it? Is your church praying for God to reveal his special will for them before they take action? Are you a young person hoping to stay within God’s will for your life?

The Christian, Government, and Obedience?
Through consideration of Masking Orders, an audio book by Tim Todd

This book examines the believer’s relationship to government, through consideration of masking orders during he Covid-19 pandemic in light of passages like Romans 13, Titus 3, and 1 Peter 2.