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Daniel: Key to Prophetic Revelation

The career of mankind and his decrepit history is terminal! The sovereign God is Lord of history, past, present and future and He will see to it.

Daniel is given the map, the compass, and the telescope to see ahead, and he lets us peer over his shoulder to see not only God’s masterful strategy, but the end-move; “check mate”! This should provide both comfort and a homing beacon for how we are to live right now in light of these truths..

The book of Daniel, with portions written in Hebrew and Aramaic, is the key to prophetic revelation, establishing the framework that John’s Revelation, Jesus’ prophetic Olivet Discourse (Matthew 24-25), and other prophetic scriptures hang upon for support, definition and meaning. Once you understand Daniel, you have the ability to unlock and grasp the magnificence of the other prophetic books and passages

Gaze with wonder as we watch God use his word to work integrity, bravery, humility and supreme usefulness into Daniel, and his three friends in the Babylonian exile. Gain a new perspective, a God’s-Eye view of the career of mankind’s great kingdoms (Babylonian, Medo-Persian, Greek, Roman). These culminate in the final neo-Roman kingdoms at the end of the age (future from us) and the arrogance of the little horn, the blasphemous false-Messiah, his rapid ascent to totalitarian, miracle-enhanced rule, false worship, and suppression of God’s saints. Delve into Revelation, the Olivet Discourse and other vital, prophetic passages.

Finally, rejoice with us as Daniel sees the promised Son of Man come in power and glory to judge and remove this usurper and establish the true Messianic kingdom in joy and peace and blessing for all the saints. The title “Son of Man” was coined by Daniel, and Jesus used it of himself to claim both deity and to be the eschatological promised Hope of the ages.

You’ll grow in knowledge, confidence and assurance, that the God who judges wicked men is also the Lord of grace, mercy and rescue for His dear called-out children. His arm is mighty to save!

In Nov/2017, Dr. Vernon Peterman, teaching pastor of Holly Hills Bible Church, Denver, presented for GBF:
Daniel 9:24-27 and the Date of the Crucifixion of Christ: April 3rd, 33AD.