A Pastor’s Authority - Authentic Christianity, Ray Stedman

What is a high view of a pastor’s authority? It is probably not what you think or have been told (by your pastor or his inner circle)! Ray Stedman, who modeled in his own ministry the very Biblical virtues he lays out in this short article, sets the record straight.


The Coming Kingdom - Spirit & Truth, Andy Woods

This wonderful series from Andy Woods helps us understand the major Bible theme of God’s kingdom. If there is one thing that is confusing, it is the use of the term, “the Kingdom of God”. This series sets that straight!


The Church’s One Foundation

A truly outstanding, technically excellent, and very challenging view of Biblical ecclesiology. Author Ted Bigelow ordained at The Masters Seminary, and has studied over 200 books on ecclesiology. He handles the argument from the Biblical and historical perspective with great care and persuasion. Caution! Once the “cat is out of the bag”, so to speak, you can’t put him back in. Once you have done some reading it will profoundly challenge your view of what church is, what it ought to be, Biblically, and require you to make some changes and/or bring about changes in not only your church, but the surrounding ones in your town or city.  May you be moved to dissatisfaction, resolution and obedience.

Recommended places to start there (but read it all for a greater understanding).

Location, Location, Location

Don't Go to Church, Be the Church!

The High Call of Eldership Churches


Bible Framework - Charles Clough

Excellent! Includes free audio to get your mind thinking like a Christian


Slideshare - Valley Bible Fellowship, Pastor Dave Kooyers’

Collection of useful and illuminating powerpoint slides from Pastor Dave Kooyers of Valley Bible Fellowship.


Council on Dispensational Hermeneutics

A forum for discussion among traditional dispensationalists in the important areas of hermeneutics and theological method.


Spirit And Truth Links

A site dedicated to edifying and equipping Christian believers to become more effective representatives of our Lord Jesus Christ.  Here they provide a collection of useful links on a wide variety of topics.


Literal Hermeneutics - Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary, Mark Snoeberger

Blog Series: Whatever Happened to Literal Hermeneutics?

(Part 4a)    (Part 4b)    (Part 4c)    (Part 4d)



A Minute for the Bible

We get busy and sometimes lack time for study. These one-minute chewy morsels of Biblical truth and doctrine are just what the doctor ordered!