Grace Bible Fellowship strongly desires to please and exalt the Lord Jesus Christ, worshipping and glorifying Him, and enjoying God’s overflowing grace in every part of our corporate and personal lives.We are a Bible believing church, teaching the Word of God, making faithful disciples, worshipping the Father, empowered by the Spirit of truth, and exalting the great Savior, Jesus Christ!

At Grace Bible Fellowship, you’ll experience the foundations established in the Word of God. Come for faithful, rich, expository teaching, learn God’s Word fully and systematically.

We take to heart both the commendations and warnings in his letters to the seven churches in Revelation 2-3.

The Benefits of Expository Preaching

- Mature in your appreciation and grasp of the Bible.

- Be transformed by applying its great truths along with others of like, precious faith.

- Appreciate and understand the great doctrines of the faith.

- Grow with us in your faith in, obedience, and service to our Lord Jesus Christ.

- Be equipped to serve the body of Christ in the Spirit’s power.

- Glorify God, enjoying Him forever with genuine worship by the Spirit of truth.

- Hear, know and take joy in the gospel of salvation, which is eternal life in Jesus the Son of God Himself! Salvation frees us from the just penalty for our sins, declares us just and righteous before God, and gifts us eternal life. Salvation is by God’s glorious grace as a free gift, by faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and faith alone – plus nothing. But the good news gets even better. The good news is Christ Himself, that we are in the eternal Son, and He in us!  Be transformed by a clear understanding and personal application of the great doctrines of the Christian faith.

- Love the gospel that saves forever and its security rests complete on the faithfulness of the Triune God, to those who are in Christ Jesus, the Son. This faithfulness is grounded in the love of Father for the Son and the Son for the Father, glorified and rejoiced in by the Spirit. Believers in the Son are secure in their salvation to exactly the same degree and extent that the the Son is secure in the Father’s great, eternal love for Him! That’s good news!